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Real Estate and the New Tax Law: Don't Make That Lemon Face!

If you hear "NEW TAX LAW", I know your face gets all twisted up and your mouth puckers up like you want to scream or like you ate a big fat lemon!

Well, before make that face, please get caught up to what actually PASSED versus all that chatter and fear and mayhem making that occurred prior to the final final!  

Click NAR's (National Association of Realtor's) easy peasy explanation of the basic bullet points to get you off the ledge and to perhaps think more positively about the future.  In fact, maybe by clicking more links below, we can start a conversation about YOU and your real estate needs.  Or you and your tax and financial experts can now start planning your future so we can think about opportunities that may come up in the real estate market!


Here are two opinions of the new tax law and their take on the impact these changes will have on the overall real estate market...pick your side, I know you will!  And in the end, there will be an impact on aspects of the market but there are some pluses too like some freeing up of inventory in certain price points if homeowners want to make a change...that's not so bad in a low inventory market, right?  So let's sit down, relax and educate ourselves a little more...

Bill McBride--Calculated Risk Finance & Economics; Ten Economic Questions for 2018

Mark Zandi--Moody's Analytics:  Tax Reform Bad Timing; Appreciation at risk

So I credit Tom Ferry and Steve Harney, both real estate experts, who prompted my need to reach out to you regarding the new tax law and your real estate...watch their interview for more information...


Let's make LEMONADE OUT OF LEMONS people...even in NJ!

Call/Text/Email me for more information!  I will also keep this info on my website: