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Famous for one of the United State’s oldest and most prestigious universities that shares the town’s name, the town of Princeton continues the academic rigor in both its public and private schools. Town events are as diverse as its inhabitants, and buildings both old and new are sure to delight anyone who passes under Fitz-Randolph gates.


West Windsor

With a school district third in the state and close proximity to a train station, West Windsor is the ideal location for the family with the city job but the suburb sensibilities. In my own experience, plenty of new parents who experienced their childhoods in this neighborhood come back so that their children can reap the benefits of safety, academics, and convenience that provided their adult lives with success and happy memories.

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In addition to sharing the school district with West Windsor, Plainsboro shares many of the same features of West Windsor. A new hospital in the area brings new jobs, and a renovated town center brings unique shops, restaurants, and cafes with live music.



Few towns in the US are able to keep their one hundred year old public libraries in tip top shape! Dating back to 1909, the public library is a symbol of the town’s dedication to excellent school systems and quality of life. In addition there are many Victorian era homes maintained in excellent shape by the home owners who treasured their historical styling.


East Windsor

Shown here is the East Windsor Township Municipal Building, a very progressive building in a township with pockets of surprising history. Next to Etra Lake is Grover’s Mill, featured in this historical radio broadcast of War of the Worlds. The townships diversity shows through the grocery store chain Patel Brothers right next to the local Target. In addition, East Windsor is the only township in NJ to have 11 blue ribbon schools!


Monroe Township

Named for the 5th President of the United States, Monroe takes the convenient location and good school systems of New Jersey and combines it with the lower density normally associated with the neighboring states. On its seal is the oak tree pictured. Visit this town and you will see why New Jersey still deserves the title of “The Garden State”.


Montgomery Township

Safe and quiet, few would expect that Montgomery Township is home to its own rodeo! Like the Rodeo, Montgomery’s school district promises both excellent sports and academic performance, along with safe neighborhoods, and quiet suburban living. This township is the least dense in the list which is music to the ears of someone who wants lots of land acreage.


Hamilton Township

Hamilton Township is in fact indirectly named after Alexander Hamilton. In the war of 1812, anti-british sentiment rose to such a level that the Mercerville Square was renamed to the Mercerville-Hamilton Square, now known as Hamilton Square. From this, Hamilton Township gets its name. What you wouldn’t guess from the association with the historical figure is that Hamilton Square is also one of New Jersey’s happiest towns according to several studies!